Thursday, May 28, 2009

Buying NZ Property - Right Move this Recession

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Learn the strategies in buying great value NZ property from property guide, "New Zealand Property Report 2009", by Andrew Sheldon.

This is the most comprehensive report for the New Zealand Property Market. This is a perfect guide for foreign investors interested in buying NZ property.

Save yourself the hassle of getting information from government statistical resources, real estate consultants and browsing through tons of materials on the internet.

Get a copy of the New Zealand Property Market 2009 Report to achieve knowledge on buying the best value New Zealand Property.

This New Zealand Property Market 2009 Report is a SheldonThinks Publication,

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Monday, May 25, 2009

NZ Distributed Generation

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NZ Distributed Generation is a 3-part energy market study of NZ that provides a description and strategic analysis of the factors underpinning the NZ energy market, with a particular focus on energy resources, market structures, technological developments and market pricing. The intent is to provide prospective investors with insights into the opportunities presented in this market.
The study comprises 3 parts:

Part A - already available (180 pages)
Part B - soon to be complete

Advance orders at a price of $USD1,200.

NZ Distributed Power Book 1
Table of Contents
Why New Zealand?
Energy Users Forum

NZ Politics
NZ Economy
The NZ Executive Government
NZ Land Classification

NZ Energy Market Framework
NZ Electricity Policy and Regulation
New Zealand Energy Taxation
NZ Gas Market Policy and Regulation
New Zealand Gas Infrastructure Regulation
NZ Energy Retail Market

All these topics are discussed throughly in 180 pages of comprehensive analytic report in the NZ Distributed Power Book 1

NZ Distributed Power Book 2

NZ Fuel Resources
NZ Fuel Availability and Utilization
New Zealand Renewable Resourcers

Book 2 is a 67-page robust analysis of New Zealand's energy resources.

Read BBC article: Distributed Power to Save Earth

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Foreclosed Property in Japan

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Buying foreclosed property in Japan is an ordeal for foreigners who have limited experience and knowledge about its culture and people.

This guide on acquiring foreclosed real estate properties in Japan has received excellent reviews from serious investors of Japan Real Estates.

"Foreclosed Property in Japan" 2009 ed, is a comprehensive property market research and analysis documentation that also provide the author's account of real life experiences buying properties in Japan. This book contains strategies and resources that help foreigners find the best bargains.

Or read about strategic property investments at

To learn more about the author, Andrew Sheldon, visit

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Philippine Economy Research and Analysis

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This is a thorough and comprehensive research and analysis on Philippine Economy. You also get free updates through email on Buying Property in Philippines.

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New Zealand Economy Research and Analysis

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This is a thorough and comprehensive research and analysis on the New Zealand Economy. You also get free updates through email on Buying NZ Real Estate.

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NZ Property info. Click here.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Japan, Philippines, New Zealand Property Market Report Collection

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Learn more about the top 3 best locations to invest in real estate in the world!

Japan - Culture, Technology, Scenery

Philippines - People, Beaches, Low Cost of Living

New Zealand - Scenery, First World Amenities, Low value of NZD

Learn how you can get more value from your money.

All these 3 Property Market Analytic Report provide a thorough, comprehensive and integrated documentation of economic, cultural, geographical factors affecting the value of properties. Strategic suggestions are also provided for serious real estate investors.

To know more information, please visit or email

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That is our challenge, and it is our desire to grow with the reader by providing a broad array of materials to help you reach your aspirations. Please understand that the material prepared in our books is of a far higher quality that the material published on the website. The books are more critical and analytical assessments, whereas the blog content is more thought-provoking, unstructured and topical, since the issues arise from my life experiences.

We are committed to your betterment. It is intended that our books will grow with you. For that reason it is our intention to keep you updated with free follow-up editions.

Andrew Sheldon:
"I pride myself on my critical thinking skills, however I also recognise that objective reality has primacy, and that no one is omniscient. For that reason, we welcome feedback from readers. We want an ongoing relationship with readers, so after an initial purchase, we want to reward readers will free updates on the books we publish. If we receive no feedback, we consider our job done. Thanks for reading, and we hope we see you again on our website."

Sunday, May 10, 2009

NZ Real Estate Report

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The "New Zealand Property Report 2009" is the most comprehensive, critically analyzed property market documentation available online.

Author, Andrew Sheldon, an international property investor, has ventured into purchasing great value properties in different countries. His timely insights are found in his website

According to him, 2009 presents a great timing opportunity to purchase NZ real estate. He stated that the weak NZ dollar and the poor economy are joint forces that make buying NZ real estate a sensible investment during this economic recession.

If you are interested in more of his insights and strategies in property investments, please visit

"New Zealand Property Report 2009" is available online

Friday, May 8, 2009

Buying Properties in Philippines, Guide How to Acquire Philippine Property, Philippines Real Estate Investments

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The beauty of the Philippine Islands, known as the Pearl of the Orient, has enthralled many foreigners. Even Filipinos overseas wish to retire on a scenic hilltop estate, with a 3bedroom apartment in the city. The warm people, lovely smiles, exotic culture and low cost of living are the key benefits of living in the Philippines. Many people who decide to stay want to buy real estate in Philippines. The current economic downturn presents a great opportunity to buy your very own country estate or city apartment. Associated with such opportunities are the risks of dealing with unscrupulous so-called brokers, false marketing and deceitful developers. With this Guide to Buying Property in Philippines, "Buying Philippines Property" by Andrew Sheldon, international real estate investor, foreigners and Filipino expats can learn how to protect themselves and enable themselves to purchase a great property investment in Philippines.


Many foreign home buyers and investors and Filipino overseas contract workers (OFWs) of Philippine property or Philippine Real Estate have relied on this book, "Buying Philippines Property". This 2 volume 300 page book contains critical analysis and insightful details for buying property in the Philippines – from ground work, researching about places in Philippines, Philippine real estate contracts, Philippine real estate laws, Philippine property regulations, Philippine real estate case studies, to actual purchase and securing control over Philippine property.

The valuable contents of this book is an accumulation of strategic analysis and critical insights. Research for this Philippine property guide included experts from the Philippine Bureau of Lands, professional real estate brokers, customers/investors and business consultants.

Download Table of Contents and a Free Chapter on Philippine Economy with highlights on Philippine Property Market from

You can view the table of contents loaded with relevant information to help you in buying property in Philippines from
'Buying NZ Property – Download the free sample readings!

The NZ property market is shaping up as one of the most attractive property investment markets for the next few years. High yielding property and the collapse of the NZD make NZ the perfect counter-cyclical investment if you buy right! In addition, there is no capital gains tax, transfer taxes, VAT/GST or wealth taxes in NZ, so rest assured that NZ property is tax-effective! Learn more now! New Zealand Property Report 2010 - Download the table of contents or buy this 180-page report at our online store for just $US19.95.