Monday, August 25, 2008

Fantastic View of Philippine Countryside

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This could be yours. How? Well it's not easy. Takes a lot of hard work and of course, some knowledge on how to purchase Philippine Properties.

BUYING PHILIPPINES PROPERTY 2008 (Insights from a Strategic Analyst)

Table of Contents

Volume 1 (Part A)
The Philippines - land of promise
Philippine Politics
The Legal Framework
Important Concepts of Property Rights
History of Philippines Land Administration
Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP)
The NEW Land Administration Framework
Land Title Issues
Transfer of Property Ownership
Tenancy Regulation
Specific Land Regulation Issues

Volume 2 (Part B)

The Property Markte
Types of Property
Contrarian Opportunities
Tourism Opportunities
Farming Opportunities
When & Where to Buy
Understanding Philippine Property
Foreigners & Philippine Property
Marital & Visa Status in the Philippines
The Foreclosed Property Market
Finding Help with Your Property Purchase
Financing Your Property Purchase
Planning Your Purchase
Meeting the Seller
Securing the Property
Taking Possession of Your Property
Building a Home in the Philippines
Refurbishing a Property
Strategies for Buying Property
General Lifestyle Guide
Our Property Search Experience
Examples of Property Transactions
Useful Resources for Property Investors
Standard Contracts

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Thriving Small Business - Making money with Soap!

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The soap industry in the Philippines has turned around the last few years due to the increasing concern for natural skin care and heightened demand for environmentally-safe products.

The following points are the top reasons why many Filipinos are now into the handmade soap business:

1. Increased cost of branded soaps driven by high inflation in Philippines

2. Government promotes soap making and the use of virgin coconut oil products (Philippines is the largest exporter of virgin coconut oil). There are now government-led training seminars of livelihood projects such as soap making.

3. Environmental wave – many countries are now pressured to promote natural ingredients.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Buying Property In Philippines, Insights from a critical analyst

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Are you interested in owning your own piece of paradise?

BUYING PHILIPPINES PROPERTY (Insights of a Strategic Analyst)

NOW AVAILABLE in 2 Volumes for only $19.95!

This eBook comprises over 320 pages of insights, critical analysis, strategies and facts on the Philippines property market. If you thought looking for property on the internet was the way to look for property - think again. It makes sense in the West, but not in the Philippines. This country is different.
Learn why the Philippines is the most promising property investment destination in SE Asia. The Philippines has been talked about for years - Find out why this place is showing signs of becoming an Asian tiger. The signs are there for everyone to see. We will first take you through the progress made with economic and administrative reform, and then provide you with the strategy to find the best properties without paying too much.

This eBook is recommended to foreigners, expat Filipinos abroad and Filipino real estate investors in Philippines. Foreigners are often told that they can't buy property. Nonsense! Most can't that is true, but even still, why is that necessary? The issue is how can you 'control' the property your purchase. There is a good chance that a banks owns your property, but who controls it? Find out how to control your slice of property in the Philippines! We have two different techniques for you.

If you still have concerns and apprehensions in buying property, we can provide assistance.

Please email

Monday, August 18, 2008

How to Make Soap in the Philippines

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Currently there is a sweeping trend in purchasing handmade soaps in Philippines. This is a big business opportunity at low capital investment. Best of all, you do not need high level technical knowledge to start this backyard business. Learn what you need to know for only Php 500.
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The NZ property market is shaping up as one of the most attractive property investment markets for the next few years. High yielding property and the collapse of the NZD make NZ the perfect counter-cyclical investment if you buy right! In addition, there is no capital gains tax, transfer taxes, VAT/GST or wealth taxes in NZ, so rest assured that NZ property is tax-effective! Learn more now! New Zealand Property Report 2010 - Download the table of contents or buy this 180-page report at our online store for just $US19.95.