Friday, August 22, 2008

Buying Property In Philippines, Insights from a critical analyst

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Are you interested in owning your own piece of paradise?

BUYING PHILIPPINES PROPERTY (Insights of a Strategic Analyst)

NOW AVAILABLE in 2 Volumes for only $19.95!

This eBook comprises over 320 pages of insights, critical analysis, strategies and facts on the Philippines property market. If you thought looking for property on the internet was the way to look for property - think again. It makes sense in the West, but not in the Philippines. This country is different.
Learn why the Philippines is the most promising property investment destination in SE Asia. The Philippines has been talked about for years - Find out why this place is showing signs of becoming an Asian tiger. The signs are there for everyone to see. We will first take you through the progress made with economic and administrative reform, and then provide you with the strategy to find the best properties without paying too much.

This eBook is recommended to foreigners, expat Filipinos abroad and Filipino real estate investors in Philippines. Foreigners are often told that they can't buy property. Nonsense! Most can't that is true, but even still, why is that necessary? The issue is how can you 'control' the property your purchase. There is a good chance that a banks owns your property, but who controls it? Find out how to control your slice of property in the Philippines! We have two different techniques for you.

If you still have concerns and apprehensions in buying property, we can provide assistance.

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