Monday, August 23, 2010

Living in New Zealand

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Wanganui, New Zealand

This magical park is a public park in Wanganui, New Zealand. The best thing about living in New Zealand is that you can enjoy the best nature can offer for free.

eBook by Andrew Sheldon
NZ's two major cities: Auckland and Wellington are ranked in the Top 10 best places to live in the world. But there are many cheaper cities around New Zealand like Wanganui & Napier on the North Island; Christchurch and Dunedin on the South Island. These smaller cities don't rank a mention in international surveys because they are too small to rank on some analysts radar. British, Americans, Germans consider it a vacation of a lifetime to explore the whole country. Why? The beautiful scenery, first world living standards, friendly people, an abundance of outdoor activities, low cost property and the relaxed lifestyle.

New Zealand's scenic beauty is world-reknowned. It was captured in movie sets for "Lord of the Rings", Narnia, King Kong (by Peter Jackson), The Last Samurai, The Piano and The Frighteners.

This 150+ page eBook is only for serious NZ Real Estate property investors. Buying property in New Zealand is a great investment and a life style proposition.

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Guide to Philippine Real Estate Investments

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Philippine property has long been considered as one of the more affordable options for foreigners.

The untamed, underdeveloped islands provide business opportunities for many business-minded expats. Recently, a new set of buyers emerge – Overseas contract workers. These are Filipino workers who overseas for a few years to save money. Many of these OFWs choose to retire in the Philippines. Being away from home, they will appreciate the economic prospects and strategic insights from the ebook Philippines Property Report. This is a professional and comprehensive guide to Philippine property written by an international property investor, Andrew Sheldon. Many Expats, foreign tourists and OFWs need to be wary of their property investments. Their hard-earned savings need to be put in best use.

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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Japan Foreclosed Property Guide

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Japan Foreclosed Property written by Andrew Sheldon
Japan Foreclosed Property Guide - Comprehensive and Insightful analysis of the Japan real estate market giving special attention to Japan foreclosed property.

Japan has long been considered a magnificent mix of culture and technology. It is a very popular tourist destination. But Japan isn't just a holiday option, it can also be a retirement option for westerners who'd like to experience eastern tradition with the convenience of western technology. Many foreigners have considered living in Japan and retiring there. They have set up businesses namely pubs, cafes, English schools and have married Japanese women. However, it is not quite easy to get a bargain in Japanese property. That's why Australian author, Andrew Sheldon, documented an all-encompassing guide to investing in Japanese Real Estate.

His ebook on Japan Foreclosed Property has timeless content. Readers will easily pick up on the strategies of negotiating with Japanese auctioneers and real estate brockers. Readers will appreciate the insights on Japan economy and how it affects the Japanese real estate market. They will also learn how to integrate economic indicators like foreign exchange rates, GDP and even political results to determine the best time to buy Japanese property.

This book has received more than 99% customer satisfaction rating.

If you are serious about investing in Japan real estate, this is the right resource to read.

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Investment eBooks NZ Property Guide Philippine Real Estate Guide Foreclosed Japan Guide Mining Stocks Guide
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