Friday, April 10, 2009

Guide to Buying Property in Japan

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What are the steps you need to take in buying property in Japan?

1. Look up Bit Sikkou tool for bargain properties in Japan.

2. Request for a legal background of the property, terms, payment method. These documents need to be signed duly.

3. Research about the area of your choice. Look around the neighborhood and get a feel of the ways of the community.

4. Review the contract of sale at least 3 times and critically analyze it for flaws or loopholes.

5. If you would like to get a loan, then look around for credible banks. Make sure you understand the terms and the fees.

6. Seek the help of professional property brokers.

7. Seek knowledge of the experience of other property buyers (see blog of experiences of buying Japanese property in

8. Pay the required monthly fees or downpayments.

10. Acquire the necessary documents for registration of your property under your name.

11. Secure a Transfer of Ownership oF Title Document.

12. To have more information about the critical details, a guide on Buying Japan property is recommended to be read. The book on "Japan Foreclosed Property 2009" by Andrew Sheldon is a magnificent, point-by-point, report of the strategies in buying Japanese property.

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