Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sites That Sell: Online Marketing Guide for Small Businesses

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This is an effective and easy guide for small business owners who are serious about expanding their market reach through the internet.

Why do you need this guide? This guide helps you:

1. To increase your profit, you need to increase your revenue at the least possible advertising cost.
2. To increase your revenue, you’d need to be able to tap wider markets, either local or international.
3. To decrease your cost, you’d need to be able to apply low cost online marketing solutions.
4. To improve your online presence, you’d need to act quickly and utilize easy to follow steps on online marketing.

SITES THAT SELL: Creating an Appealing Online Presence
(NZD 79.99) is only available in CD and electronic copy. ISBN9780473149260

Please contact author at or 06 344 1006 for more information.

LVDConsulting is dedicated to help young entrepreneurs, women entrepreneurs and start-up business owners maximize their business potential.

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