Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Zealand Still A Good Buy for Australians

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Recently, the USD has weakened against currencies of commodity countries like Australia and New Zealand. However, Australians are in the best position, now more than ever, to purchase property in New Zealand.


1. Close economic ties between Australia and New Zealand make them function like 1 country.
2. Visa and residency eligibility are not even a problem. Australians are free to travel and reside in New Zealand under the 'resident' status.
3. Australian dollar is consistently strong against the New Zealand dollar.
4. Australians earn generally 30% more than New Zealand residents.
5. There is still no capital gains tax for sale of property in New Zealand.

For lifestyle reasons, Aussies might now be tired of the exhausting heat from the strong Australian sun and might even appreciate the lush gardens and rolling hills in the NZ countryside.

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