Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Opportunity to Live in Japan

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Whether you are a trader, a programmer, a writer, journalist, graphic artist or web designer, if you are earning a foreign currency income and work form your computer, there is a good reason you might want to consider living in Japan. Many a foreigner has been charmed by Japan. For people who have lived there, there are few places to match it. The city nightlife, the food, the culture, the people, the expat district (not just Roppongi). It is truly one of the best lifestyle destinations in the world. Can you imagine being able to buy a house there for as little as $US10,000. Not central Tokyo mind you. But we were able to buy two places for under Y3.5mil ($US40,000) just 1-1.5 hours from Tokyo, which places you at least close to the action. You can get cheaper for more, or closer to smaller cities for less.

There are various opportunities for buying the right property in Japan:

1. You may setup an English Tutoring Business.
2. You may rent out the property to students with an amazing yield.
3. You may get rid of your rent payments, enjoy a first world country and a natural, culture-rich experience.
4. You may study in Japan as they are offering several graduate programs.
5. Or you may simply enjoy the luxury of owning a real asset and have a holiday in one of the best countries anytime you want.

However, just like any other investment, you need to strategically analyze the factors involved in buying a property in Japan. You also need to know the risks to better manage it. Owning a property in Japan is a big opportunity for the serious and creative investors.

This guide "Japan Foreclosed Property 2009" is the latest edition of the tips and techniques in buying the best value property in Japan. Author Andrew Sheldon is an international property investor and critical analyst. He already did all the research having bought a couple of properties himself. So do not reinvent the wheel and make a well-informed decision faster.

Japan Foreclosed Property report is now available for $19.95. Please visit or to know more.

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