Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Why Move to New Zealand?

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The falling prices of properties in New Zealand create great bargain opportunities for foreigners who are in strong positions to buy property.

New Zealand is the first choice of many British expats due to its relatively more pleasant weather conditions. Fifteen degrees celsius, cool spring weather in New Zealand is a hot summer in UK where winter is freezing at -6 degrees celsius.

The cost of food, gas and basic commodities are far cheaper in New Zealand and the british pound has strong buying power here.

One misconception of many foreigners who have been reluctant to buy property in New Zealand is that the income level in New Zealand is only around 30K USD per year compared to the average American income of 46K USD per year. The internet revolution is a foreigner's solution to his anticipated low wages in New Zealand. He can very well earn in stronger foreign currencies while spending quality family time in New Zealand.

If you have been wanting to move to a more pleasant climate with warm, friendly people; If you have been wanting to explore the world or be in touch with nature; If you have been dreaming of a healthier lifestyle and improve your family interaction; New Zealand is the place to be. With the current fallign New Zealand currency, it's one of the best investments - guaranteed.

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