Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sites That Sell: Creating an Appealing Online Presence

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This guide is designed for small business owners that have limited experience in online marketing who would like to embark on developing or redesigning a website for their small business—AT THE LEAST COST POSSIBLE.

This guide is especially helpful for business owners who manage their own website or those business owners who pay other people to create websites for them as they would be able to manage the work of a web developer better. I do not attempt to dazzle you with complicated jargons used in online web development. I provide straight suggestions, clear examples and easy-to-remember guidelines. Most of all, the knowledge in this eBook is practical and pertinent to a small business.

About the Author:
Leah De Guzman has been involved in online marketing for almost a decade, acting in the role of product marketing manager and business development manager for various products and services sold in international markets.

Her professional qualifications include a BA (Psychology) from the University of the Philippines – Diliman, Philippines and an Executive MBA at the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) – Makati, Philippines.

In 2008 Leah moved to New Zealand and established LVDConsulting with partner Andrew Sheldon. In this role she works as an independent business development and marketing consultant providing advisory services in online marketing for existing clients in Australia, New Zealand, China, Philippines and USA. She is a member of Business Mentors New Zealand and an advisor to the Gift2life Cancer Association in the Philippines.

Her professional experience ranges from website development, product/project management, search engine optimization through natural search and paid-per-click campaigns, strategic marketing management and branding, business operations management and customer service management.
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